What We Do

We deliver on our mandate to support Indigenous students and the broader Indigenous community on campus and beyond in a number of ways, which is summarized here.

Student Services

We provide the following Indigenous student services at the Longhouse, often in collaboration with other student service units:

  • Accredited personal counsellors
  • Accessibility advisor
  • Biannual graduation celebrations
  • Regular student-based communications
  • Resource referrals
  • Science program advisor
  • Student financial advisor
  • Student health nurse consultant
  • Student meals
  • Student spaces for studying, meeting up, relaxing, and social & cultural activities
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Wellness, social, and career development events

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Throughout the year, we partner with UBC departments, faculty, and units on different types of events for the UBC Indigenous community, the wider university community, and sometimes the general public. This often includes, but is not limited to:

  • Major conferences
  • Public lectures
  • Cultural events
  • Book releases
  • Film screenings
  • Graduation events
  • Indigenous student, staff & faculty lunches

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Campus Engagement

We organize and partner with a number of units across campus to deliver ongoing supports and benefits to Indigenous students, staff and faculty, and occasionally the wider campus community. You are encouraged to learn about our various ongoing engagements by exploring our Campus Engagement page.

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Notable Initiatives

As part of fulfilling our mandate, we often lead or advise on the development of Indigenous initiatives at the Longhouse and across campus. Below is a list of notable initiatives our unit, through the visionary work of our directors and staff, either led or advised on over the past decade or more, up to the present: