Longhouse Tutoring

Tutoring at the Longhouse

Weekly drop-in group tutoring sessions at the Longhouse are available for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students students taking courses in biology, chemistry (1st yr), economics, math, physics, and statistics. Writing consultation sessions are also offered.

All sessions are held in the Longhouse Study Lounge, located near the lobby. Tutors will have a sign displayed so that they are easy to spot.

Note: The tutoring schedule will be updated at the start of 2024W, Term 1.

Weekly schedule: 2023W, Term 2

Biology Wednesday, 3–6 PM Rylan
Chemistry (1st year) Tuesday, 2–5 PM
Thursday,  2:30–5:30 PM
Economics Tuesday, 11:15–12:15 PM
Wednesday, 12:45–1:45 PM
Math Monday, 2–5 PM
Thursday,  11:30–1:30 PM
Physics Thursday, 2–3 PM Serene
Statistics Friday, 12–2 PM Charlotte
Writing Consults Tuesday, 1–4 PM
Wednesday, 10–1 PM

To arrange an individual session with a tutor, email Cody Bugler, FNHL Student Engagement Coordinator, cody.bugler@ubc.ca, or contact your Academic Advisor.

Page updated: February 20, 2024