Stay Informed

Get the latest on Indigenous-related events at the Longhouse via the following FNHL channels:

  • Digital Signage – When visiting the Longhouse, be sure to check out the digital signage monitor in the lobby. It offers timely information on what’s happening in the Longhouse and important announcements.
  • Facebook – UBC First Nations Longhouse provides news and information related to the Longhouse and the Indigenous community (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students, staff, and faculty) at UBC Vancouver.
  • Indigenous Portal – The Indigenous Portal provides information and referrals to Indigenous units and events happening across campus.
  • Instagram – Like its Facebook cousin, UBC Longhouse provides news and information related to the Longhouse and the Indigenous community at UBC Vancouver.
  • Longhouse Calendar – Visit this calendar regularly to stay up-to-date on Longhouse events.
  • The Talking Stick – We publish The Talking Stick weekly during Winter Session, which is emailed to all new-to-UBC Indigenous students at the start of the academic year, as well as continuing students for the duration of their studies at UBC Vancouver. It contains news, announcements, and events of interest to the Indigenous community at UBC. Go to the Subscription Request form.

Be sure to also visit the following channel for information on Indigenous-related events happening elsewhere on campus:

  • Indigenous Events – Regularly visit this calendar hosted on the Indigenous Portal to stay informed of Indigenous Events happening elsewhere on campus. This calendar is maintained by UBC Events and is populated by event organizers across campus. FNHL does not administer this calendar.

The Talking Stick – Subscription Request

The First Nations House of Learning's student newsletter, The Talking Stick, contains news, announcements, and event information of interest to the UBC Vancouver Indigenous community. It is distributed weekly during Winter Session (Sep–Apr).

If you are a current Indigenous student and would like to receive the newsletter, you are invited to fill out the subscription request form below. Your email address will not be shared. You can unsubscribe at any time. The Talking Stick does not contain commercial messages.

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